The Applecross Hills

The Applecross Hills are formed from a high plateau whch has some very steep cliffs especially the Northern Corries which can be seen from the Kishorn to Shieldaig road. Rough walking in places.The Bealach na Ba pass which rises to over 2000 feet is one of the most dramatic and scenic roads in the country.

Loch Kishorn
Looking down Coire nan Arr to Loch Kishorn

The Bealach na Ba (Pass of the Cattle) Bealach na Ba

Coire na Poite A delightful waterfall on the walk up to Coire na Poite one of the Northern Corries of Beinn Bhan.

On the Summit Plateau of Beinn Bhan Beinn Bhan Summit Plateau

Coire nan Fhamhair Spring snow in Coire nan Fhamair

Coire na Poite on the Northern side of Beinn Bhan, dramatic rock scenery. Coire na Poite

Cioch Nose On the Cioch Nose.

Looking down on Loch Kishorn from the top of the Cioch Top of the Cioch

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