Cove Panorama

Walking the Coast between Cove and Rua Reidh Lighthouse

A magnificent stretch of Coastline


Rua Reidh Lighthouse Sea Stacks Burn Cove Loch Ewe Rocky Coastline Memorial Firemore Beach Coastal Defences at Cove Loch an Eun Loch an Draing Melvaig Transmitter Mast Loch Sguod An Cuaidh 296m Cnoc a Ghaorr 266m Loch a Chaol-thuil Loch Airigh an Eilein Midtown Rua Reidh Lighthouse
Sea Stacks
The Burn plunges over cliffs down to the sea
Looking back to the start of the walk
Loch Ewe The Rocky Coastline< Shipwreck Memorial The lovely beach at Firemore
Coastal Defences at the entrance to Loch Ewe
The road up to the Rua Reidh Lighthouse from Melvaig is quite spectacular! Rua Reidh

Sea Stacks A short distance from the lighthouse one comes to these huge cliffs and Sea Stacks.

The Burn from Loch nan Eun plunges over the cliffs here into the sea. Burn

Cove Looking back to the start of the walk from Cove, you can see the old wartime gun emplacements on the top of the hill.

Looking across Loch Ewe Loch Ewe

An Teallach A snow covered An Teallach

Rocky Coastline Rocky Coastline

View North The view North

This is the site of a wartime shipwreck, A memorial Plaque tells the story of the USS William H. Welch Shipwreck Memorial

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