Annular Solar Eclipse

The Annular Solar Eclipse

As seen from the hill above "Na Fir Chlis" 31st May 2003
Time 04.40 BST When I set out at 4am to walk to the top of the hill the clouds were right down and it did not look to hopeful.. However once on top of the hill I set up the camera tripod and was rewarded by the clouds slowly clearing to reveal the eclipse ..

Time 04.43 BST The Sun was rising just to the left of Suilven.
Here the eclipse is complete.

Time 04.45 BST The Moon has moved a bit to the left. Note the sun is now nearly above Suilven.

Time 04.47 BST The Sun & Moon are now beginning to seperate...

Time 04.49 BST The Sun has now climbed well above Suilven

Time 04.53 BST A last view before the Sun disappeared behind the clouds.

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