Some pictures of the local inhabitants..

Pine Marten
Click here to see the Pine Marten video
Pine marten

Seal Seals can be seen all around the coast.

The Red Deer Red Deer

Otter Otters are usually very shy, we met this young one on a path near Inverasdale.

A young Otter hiding in the undergrowth Otter

Otter Otters are more commonly seen in or near the water.

Roe Deer live in the woods around us but are very shy. Roe Deer

Mountain Hare The Mountain Hare as seen on An Teallach

Wild goats are often seen on An Teallach and during the winter they come down to the road around Dundonnell Wild goats

Lizard I found this Lizard in the wheelbarrow it was a very warm day and it was obviously enjoying basking in the sun.

Weasel. Xan disturbed this little creature while we were out for a walk. Weasel

Dragonfly Azure Hawker Dragonfly, it stayed long enough for me to get a good picture.

Highland Cattle Highland Cattle

Sheep There are a lot of sheep..

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