Loch Maree

Tollie to Slattadale

A popular walk. By one of the most beautiful of Highland Lochs

Move the mouse over the map to view pictures. Loch Maree
Crossing the first burn Crossing the second stream Tollie Bay Descending to Loch Maree Loch Maree Slioch Slattadale Forest BeinnAirigh Charr Loch Maree Slattadale Crossing the first burn
Crossing the second burn
Tollie Bay, Loch Maree
Descending to Loch Maree
By   Loch Maree
View of   Slioch
In   Slattadale Forest
View of   Loch Maree from
Beinn Airigh Charr
View of   Loch Maree from Start of walk
The Slattadale Car Park and Picnic area, Toilets

The stunning view down Loch Maree at the start of the walk. Tollie

Crossing first burn. Setting out from Tollie there are a number of burns to cross..

Crossing the second burn Burn

Tollie Path Descending to Loch Maree

Looking across Loch Maree to Beinn Airigh Charr Loch Maree

Slattadale Pleasant walking through Slattadale Forest

Looking down Loch Maree to Slioch Slioch

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